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Sagan's Photoshoot

I don't usually enter competitions but when I saw that Michelle Child Photography was running a competition for a free baby shoot I couldn't help myself and entered our little cutie pie. I had been following her page for a while and her photos are gorgeous. On the 27th of September, the day we were moving house, Michelle sent me a message to check Facebook, we had won! I was so super excited because our first photoshoot was an absolute disaster on so many levels! We set a date for the 21st of November and I was a little nervous because Sagan can be somewhat temperamental at times (not sure where she gets that from, LOL) The photoshoot turned out...

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Do your knees a favour.

Bathtime Essentials Baby's safety in the water is a top priority. Both my daughter and I love bath time and being a parent in this day and age we have access to so many new and exciting products! My first child was born in 1998, my third child was born in 2005 and our little Sagan was born this year, so there is so much more on the market for babies and parents and I take full advantage of anything that is going to make things a little easier!  Kneepal to the rescue!There is one thing about bath time that isn't so much fun, the kneeling down beside the bath and kneeling on a towel just isn't comfy for long! I...

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Nice to meet you.

My name is Cathy Viviers, I was born in 1981, as my kids would say “in the olden days!” I am a mother of 4, my oldest is 20 and he is now living in the UK (yes, I was a teen mom and have been a mom for more than half my life, a story for a future post), my oldest daughter is 15 going on 30, my second youngest daughter is 13 and the newest addition to our family is six and a half months old. I have had the luxury of being able to work from home for the last 2 and a half years thanks to my husband’s unwavering support!

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